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Due to weather and mechanical issues I had to get my first glimpse of DI from recordings. I'm mostly going to be using the unit in the 20 to 30 foot range on the Gulf of Mexico. I usually have the SI width set from 100 to 150 feet looking for new structure. I think the DI /2D / SI display will come in handy for spotting smaller targets passing directly under the boat. It also may be useful for positioning directly over a targets.


Edit: Added disjointed ramblings related to reviewing recordings ...

I've been reviewing recordings on the PC in conjunction with the Humminbird 997C SI and Google Earth. Mostly using Yellowfin {YF} and Humviewer{HV} with the 997C SI {HB} detached and - running on the desktop. I feed KML data to Google Earth {GE} via Humviewer and Garmin Mapsource. The additional details from the PC programs and making adjustments on the HB while viewing the same recording helps to figure out how to fine tune the HB for different situations. It also lets me spot things I don't see on the unit when out on the water. Used together they help me put findings into perspective. It would be really nice to be able to generate geotagged SI mosaics to run as overlays in GE. I've also thought about just geotagging screen prints and tying them into some GIS freeware to bring the results together in a "big picture".

Yellowfin seems to give the most SI detail and and makes sitting back and reviewing recordings almost a "spectator sport". It really makes me wonder how much more you could see outputting the HB unit SI display to a 20 inch (or larger) monitor. From reviewing waypoints generated in YF, HV and from the HB (recordings) compared against tracklogs captured from a separate GPS unit, it looks like YF creates the most "accurate" waypoints.

Humviewer is a great tool. The 2D sonar display gives an amazing amount of detail. I haven't spent a lot of time with the HB 2D displays, but I can't seem to tune it to get anywhere near the results HV can produce. The recording tracklog display and the option to to view it in Google Earth is great. Used in conjunction with GPS tracklogs and waypoints overlaid in GE, it really gives perspective to the recordings. Using the mouse scroll wheel to bump a paused recording in either direction is also a nice feature.

This program is loaded with useful features. Simply stated --- Humviewer is a very valuable tool for reviewing recordings.


Using the HB unit to review recording is also a valuable asset. It does get a little tricky if you have it detached from the GPS receiver and transducer. It almost had me checking into the loony ward the way it would reset adjusted settings when it would lapse back into demo mode. I finally had to hook it up to the towfish so I could work in a "stable environment". I'm going to pick up pick up a cable to hook it to a Garmin hand held ( Humminbird AS-HHGAR082 cable ) to get it to function like it does in the boat.  It will also be useful when I get the HB unit set up in a portable configuration.

It's nice being able to turn off the readouts to see the combined two and three way displays. It would even be nicer if the main SI display was extended across the entire display (with or without the readouts displayed).


The HB unit takes a good bit of time "acquiring" when you advance the recording playback speed to the end stop (usually done by accident and wasting the time used to advance to that point). It would be useful if you could somehow specify the time period to advance to instead of just being able to (slowly) fast forward or advance to the end. Hitting the end playback or advance to the end options by mistake can eat up a lot of time when you are 10 minutes in to a 30 minute recording and what you wanted to do was advance to the 20 minute mark.


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