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Update on 1197 crashing
« on: August 06, 2009, 09:30:57 PM »
Hi All,

Re: My post about my brand new 1197 crashing right out of the box (just shut down…as in dead, then hit the start button and it came back to life) sporadically whenever I hit a button such as VIEW or MENU etc., here is where I am with Humminbird on this issue.

Some folks posted good ideas about why this was occurring, most of them suggesting bad wiring, bogus electrical connections at the plug into the unit and so forth. I had an electrical engineer check out my voltage output, and connected a VOM/volt-ohm-meter to various wires etc.. We also checked the obvious: bad connections/corroded connections/loose fuses and the whole 9 yards as best as we could check out the whole 9 yards. Nothing found. We also did continuity checks.

As I am a very very busy non-commercial diver doing many things with the 1197 I opted to send it back to H-Bird 3-day at my expense, insured, delivery-confirmation etc., even though I know they will send you a UPS label for free shipping back. I don’t have time for down-time, especially here in New England with a “short” diving/boating season. I was leaving for vacation at the time and didn't have that option because I really needed and wanted the unit while on vacation.

H-Bird turned another unit-this time a refurb-back to me pronto-thank you H-Bird. While I told the rep (who shall remain un-named) that I didn't want a refurb I took it because as I have stated I REALLY needed this thing on my pending trip. I was just not going to accept a re-furb as the final solution to my $2,800 purchase for a new unit, but I appreciated H-Bird trying to help me out with my pending trip.

The refurb had problems right out of the box too (literally)-but NEVER any crashing issues such as those I have described above with the new unit.

In this case the buttons were now non-responsive instead of crashing the unit (such as the +- key-it would zoom out on the chartplotter but not in-and froze there, out; The scan-width settings could not be changed i.e. non-responsive; Once in a while they would change but I could not change them again-I would have to shut down the unit, then re-boot, then the scan-width settings would cooperate-for a while, then freeze again. Many other buttons would not respond, then they would then they wouldn’t).

I called H-Bird back and the rep sent me a shipping label for another return. I should note that when I asked the rep about returning the original unit for a NEW one, I was told that there were no new 1197s available, but that there would be perhaps in a week or two. That’s why I took a re-furb.

I am about to send my re-furb back to H-Bird, for a NEW unit. It should be noted that I bought my boat brand new in 2002 so it’s not like I am running this unit on a piece of crap-I am very serious about boat/car/trailer maintenance (so much so I carry not one but two spare trailer tires, two not one fire-xs, Mag-Lites, flares vacuum-packed in plastic, fuses and much more among other things-need I say more?). I’ve owned an H-Bird 3-D Paramount unit (“wire-frame display”)-liked it a lot-no issues at all. Then upgraded to a 987-never gave me a lick of trouble-what a great unit-then to the 1197.

I am pleased H-Bird has not bucked me on these issues-their cooperation has been excellent. I felt compelled to post my status to be completely upfront about the serious problems I have had with both 1197s and upfront and fair to how H-Bird has responded.

While I am irritated at the problems with (only) my 1197, H-Bird HAS CONSISTENTLY STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE and done the right thing with no flack-thank you very much H-Bird.

Looking forward to my (2nd) new 1197. Will advise how things go from here.


New Hampshire

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Re: Update on 1197 crashing
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2009, 12:13:35 AM »
Thanks for updating us.  I think you will find that Humminbird has stood behind their product and always tried to make it right.  I have only had minor issues in the past, but have never had one problem with getting HB to take of it. And that may not be the case with everyone.  Typically the negative issues are more often hear than all the positive ones, and I am thankfull that "The Humminbird Guys" are willing to jump into the shark pit and try and help the end user.  You really don't see that too often!

Wish you the best of luck on your 1197!  Please keep us updated and look forward to seeing some snapshots in the image gallery!

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