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Waypoint Image Project
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:41:06 AM »
Im new to the forum and have started a project I would like to share with others, and maybe get some (lots of) help.

I fish a reservoir where the water levels change a lot over the season.  In the past few years when the water is down I have used a handheld GPS to record the location of submerged cover and taken photos of the cover.

I now have a 597 ci di and am playing around with trying to get my waypoints into the 597, and also with trying to use the screen snapshot feature as a way of getting my photos into the 597, in place of the screen shots.

In other words, Id like to upload my known waypoints using HBPC and then take all of my image files, convert them to png format, rename them to match the HB waypoint names and voilaI will have waypoints with actual photos of the submerged cover.

Ive only had the 597 for a few days and only started this project.  So far I have been able to create a waypoint with a screen snapshot, and replace the HB image file on the SD card with my own png file that can display on the HB.  Some observations to this point:

The png file is 640 x 640, so I need to convert my images.  Also, it appears that the images need compressed.  When I go through this process with various resizing and compression steps, if the file is too big it will not display.  So Question #1 is:  What is the png file size limit that the HB will read from the SD card?

Next, in going through the process of creating a waypoint and screen shot on the HB, it appears that the HB creates a thumbnail of the screen shot that is stored internally in the HB.   i.e. when I replace the png file on the SD card, the thumbnail that appears on the Screenshot and Recording View is the original HB screen, but when I display the full size image, I get the image I expect.  So my second (and third) question is:  Am I correct that the screenshot thumbnails are stored internal to the HB, and is there a way for me to get the HB to rebuild the thumbnails to match the image on the SD card, or a way for me to replace the thumbnails?

I havent fired up HBPC yet so maybe some of the answers will be in there.  Stay tuned..

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Re: Waypoint Image Project
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 06:05:23 PM »
The largest snap shot I could find in my backups was 250KB.

So how is this project coming?

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Re: Waypoint Image Project
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2012, 06:51:01 PM »
Not much news to report on my original project.  I still don't know the max image file size I can put on the 597.  I am now more convinced that the 597 builds screenshot thumbnails and stores them internally, and they can only be deleted by deleting the waypoint with screenshot.  So not much progress on that effort.  I think rather than trying to put my waypoint images on the 597, I'm going to load them into a small electronic photo album  (e.g. Impecca).  I already have all my waypoints on the 597 and the waypoint names are the same as my image files.  So I will navigate to a waypoint and the look up the associated photo by waypoint name in the electronic photo album.  One benefit of this approach is that the photo album allows me to display my complete photo (no cropping) in its full resolution.  Attached for example is one of my photos.  I know exactly by lat lon where this stump is, and in the spring it is under 15' of water.  Nice!!   :)

But I have moved on to something else.  I bought a Navionics chip and my home lake is one of those that only has contours at 10' intervals.  I really like the chip and I have been testing on the lake to determine its accuracy.  It isn't too bad for most uses.  But there are some areas of the lake where there is a long submerged cliff line which I would like to troll along.  The 10' contours are pretty good to get me in the right area, but I want more.

So here is what I've done so far:  I start the 597 tracking at a pretty high trackpoint rate and troll along the ridge.  I try to stay right on the ridge by trolling left and right watching for the big dropoff.  Sometimes I stray into the shallow or deep area, I keep going and keep crossing the dropoff.

When I'm all done I save the track, export it to an SD card and start working on my PC.  Using a number of tools I edit the track on my PC so that I remove all of the trackpoints that are clearly in the shallow or deep water.  I'm left with a track that has points only along the dropoff.  I process the track and upload it to the 597 and voila, I have a track that goes right along the dropoff.  Even better yet, because this is truly a track in the eyes of the 597, I can display it on top on the Navionics chart, and this is all legit, i.e. I haven't hacked anything.

This is still a work in progress but I think it has a lot of potential.  The tools I use for this include HBPC, GPSBabel, amd maybe some linux scripting along with a couple of other things.  But I am looking for others who have played around the the Humminbird files (.ht, .hwr, .gpx), especially in the area of gpx extensions, for possible collaboration.

See ya!! 

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