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Autochart Live + Autochart Pro questions
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:06:14 AM »
Bought a new boat and it came with a Solix 10 MSI at the console.   I have spent a lot of time doing AC Live and Mosaic Live recordings.   I have been using Navionics cards for 10+ years, and would like to keep doing that as I have several different versions of South cards that have different levels of details for lakes, but not sure if I need to switch to Lakemaster and how much I am giving up there.  Right now I use Lowrance Insight Planner at home to view Navionic map data at home and waypoint up lakes.  I really like the Mega SI detail of the bird, but saving and recalling Mosaics on the Bird is much harder and not automatic like it is with my HDS/Structurescan units on my other boat.  I ordered Autochart Pro and it will be here tomorrow, and am trying to work around the AC Live/Mosaic live limitations with Autochart Pro software I hope.  I also ordered the Lake Images DVD this morning.   I searched around on here and found a lot of 2017 posts, but wondering if the Bird tech has changed since then.  Questions I have are:

1) I have recorded a bunch of Mosaic live files that are .SIM files.   Can Autochart Pro read those, or do I need to go back to the lakes I recorded on and do Sonar recording (.DAT files I think)?    It appears that Autochart Pro pulls only from .DAT files, and gets side imaging data from that, correct?
2) I tournament fish and mostly on rocky lakes, so I will end up with about 20 or so recordings of rocky points, rocky ridges or ledges, etc  for the 15 lakes I mainly fish.   Trying to go to Mosaic live, show files, and pick from a list of 200 files and pick the correct point that I created a recording on is not real feasible.   If I want to continue to use Navionics and overlay side imaging mosaic data on it, does Autochart Pro have the ability to stitch together 20 different recordings for a lake into one file that I can call "BeaverLake" and all of those side imaging mosaics will overlay on top of Navionics, or am I going to have to switch over to Lake master maps and use Autochart Pro to update a Lakemaster card?   If AC Pro can't stitch together all the recordings for a lake and enable me to be able to display all of them for a lake at once,  I might not open the box and return the software, as that is the reason I bought it.
3) I have an issue with my unit where it will only record about 300 or so yards, and then I start losing pie slice type chunks out of the beginning of the Mosaic live recording on the screen.   When I save the Mosaic Live recording, it also loses that recording data when I go to reload the file.   I am recording to normal fast microsd card (not an ACL card).   Will recording to an ACL card help or do I have something wrong with this unit potentially and it needs to be sent in?   Anybody else have this issue?

Thanks for any insights.  Not lazy, have put a ton of time into this but getting frustrated on how un-automatic this seems to be vs Structurescan (where you record, keep that same generic SD card, get to the same spot a week later and your mosaic type imagery autoloads) and am very hopeful I am missing some stuff in my research.
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Re: Autochart Live + Autochart Pro questions
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2019, 11:46:24 PM »
You might also post your questions in the AutoChart subforum as there are some guys that frequent there that may not see your question here  ... (There are also some tutorials in the AutoChart subforum)  ...

There may be relevant info in the AutoChart User Group forum here  ...:

Humminbird can also be a great resource if your questions do not get answered here (we have no official HB reps at sideimagingsoft)  ...

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Re: Autochart Live + Autochart Pro questions
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2019, 05:39:17 AM »
Thank you,  I posted over there after reading Camohunters tutorials

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