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NMEA 0183 output from Helix G2N


I am taking delivery of my Helix 10 mega today and heading to the water this weekend to install. I have a merc monitor currently on the boat and was needing nmea 0183 output on the head unit so the mercmonitor gets the gps data.

I have been unable to find the wiring diagram or info on the newer units for this.

Can anyone help out with wiring in the merc monitor to the NMEA output on the helix?

Hi, i think you have to buy an additional cable for the nmea 0183 on theese units. :-)

See i was thinking the black box was for a nmea 2000 connection. Again info i have found is all over the place.

Looks like you were right but the humminbird requirement is for the AS-HHGPS nmea cable. It has nmea in/out wire on it.
I'll have to look through the manual but i seem to remember that you have to turn on the gps output on the headunit.


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