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clearing map of trails/tracks


I have been trying to clear my units of all trails/tracks.  I follow the procedure to the letter and still can't remove them.
I go into wpt management, tab to right select all and delete. Get the message that all have been deleted...but not so.
My map looks like it is bleeding to death, PLEASE help!

Thanks in advance.

Bob B:
Did you also delete current track?

Yes...Just finished clearing them. Had to Restore defaults. Thanks

"Clear Current Track" is under the Xpress menu when a Chart is displayed  ...

And "Current Track"/"Clear" is the 1st item down in the Nav tab  ...

Manipulating tracks in Waypoint Management only deals with "Saved" tracks... which are created when the "Save Current Track" command is initiated under the Chart Xpress menu or under the Nav tab at "Current Track"/"Save"  ...



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