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We currently have a onix10 setup for u/w search and recovery on our PSD boat. We purchased the 360 to see if while stationary could guide the divers onto target.

So far we have not been able to get any type of readable image. Diffidently nothing like the images I see on utube or the Humminbird site.

Can someone help with providing the best setup specs to get a base point? All we dive is fresh water if that matters.

Spd 135:
I can help with this.  The most important thing to do is make sure your boat is completely stationary.  Spuds work decently in shallow water.  If the boat moves the scanning sonar does not work well.  Building a tripod for it and putting it on the bottom is your best option. 

Set your sensitivity to 20.  You can play with it from there once you have people down. 

Use the slowest setting for the most clear image.

It helps to be able to make "Front" the front.  But sometimes you cannot.  It doesn't matter because you can work it from where you see your divers. 

Your divers and "waders" in shallow water will look like dots. 

Have them move and stop.  When the screen refreshes on each pass you move them accordingly until they reach the target.

You can use your 4 way cursor to determine how far the object is from the transducer and also an azimuth, or compass direction.

When you have a target, in sight, it helps to have a 6 gallon milk crate with a 20 lb weight, or a crab trap to set near the target.  It can be moved until you are on target.  This can save diver time under water.  On the marker place a buoy with the line going through the attachment point and a counter weight (5lbs).  This allows the marker to stay on the bottom as the buoy will rise and fall without disturbing the marker.

I am attaching some images of divers and waders moving toward a target.  I am also going to attach my tripod.  I had 140' of cable added by Outland Technology (ROV manufacturer).  I have had my 360 at 135' in Kentucky.  I will also add an image which will show 3 trees.  That is from this deep drop.  I will attach in the next post

I hope this helps.  Mark Michaud   



Spd 135:

Marker and buoy on target

Spd 135:

Stand of oaks (135' drop) in Laurel Lk Ky

Spd 135:

Large pine tree in Laurel Lk Ky


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