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Installing real 'Brown' option in HumViewer
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:31:54 PM »
HumViewer is a great program.  We all owe Martin infinite thanks.  Nonetheless, the built-in color models provided with the program do not completely match the Humminbird color palettes.  This is far from a major concern, but I missed one color option in particular - the 'Brown' color palette available on my HB 798c SI.  The 'SI Brown' option currently provided with HumViewer is actually closer to the 'Amber' options on Humminbird units like mine.  I prefer the actual 'Brown' palette (A yellow brown combo of sorts - see my avatar) for the SI and DI screens of the HB units because it is not as 'hot' as most of the palettes and yet retains good contrast and object discrimination. I just find it easier on my eyes, particularly for shallow water.

Fortunately, Martin included a handy color model editor in his program.  I used this to create a true 'HB Brown' color model that I think comes very close to the 'Brown' option of the actual Humminbird units.  If you use the brown color option on your HB unit and would like to use a similar brown palette to review your recordings in HumViewer, you are welcome to try mine.  Here are several VERY EASY methods to install the color model.


1. Download the attached HumViewer Color Model file (HBBrown.txt).  IMPORTANT: This is Martin's file format but with a *.txt label.  This forum will not allow me to upload Martin's original *.hcm file format.  However, his *.hcm format is really just a *.txt file  Once you download the 'HBBrown.txt' file, just rename it as "HBBrown.hcm".
2. Use the 'Import' feature in the Color Model Editor (Tools menu) to add this color model to your set.
3. Once you have loaded a sonar record file, just right click in the SI pane and pick "HB Brown" from the 'Color Schemes' options list.
4. Adjust brightness and contrast to your preferences.  Do this the same way you would other color models (i.e. right click on SI view pane).  I calibrated my brown model to approximate the intensity of my HB unit set to sensitivity of '10'.  You might need to adjust brightness and contrast a bit if you switch from an existing color model or to account for the depth of your recording.
5. Unfortunately, on my install of HumViewer this method does not result in a permanent install. You need to re-import the HB Brown model using the Color Model Editor each time you want to use it.  So this is perhaps the best option for testing the color model or very occasional use.


If you like the HB Brown color model, you can easily make it so it loads each time as part of HumViewer's standard color model set.  Just download the 'ColorModels.txt' file included in this message. It contains the HB Brown color model along with all of the original color models provided by Martin. Again, change the file name to 'ColorModels.hcm'.  Go to the 'config' folder in your HumViewer program folder and copy out the 'ColorModels.hcm' file that is already there to a safe place (in case you want to revert) before deleting it in the 'config' folder.  Paste the new 'ColorModels.hcm' that you just downloaded into the 'config' folder.  You will now have HB Brown as an option whenever you use the program (along with all the original color model options).


If you already have custom color models added to your 'ColorModels.hcm' file (or just don't want to bother with downloads) you can add HB Brown to your color set by modifying your current 'ColorModels.hcm' file directly (in the 'config' folder of the HumViewer program folder).  Again, this is actually very easy.  Just copy your current 'ColorModels.hcm' file somewhere.  Open the copied version with a text editor (e.g., Notepad) and copy and paste the below code at the end of the file just before the final '</ColorModels>' statement. Save this new 'ColorModels.hcm' file and use it to replace the one you are currently using (as described above).

  <ColorModel Name="HB Brown">
    <Colors GridLine="ff808080" Line="ff0000ff" Mark="ffff0000"/>
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Re: Installing real 'Brown' option in HumViewer
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2012, 01:12:36 PM »
Thanks Fishshtick....You are Da Man.. ;D


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