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Autochart basic questions around Mosaics, using with Navionics
« on: September 12, 2019, 05:38:22 AM »
Bought a new boat and it came with a Solix 10 MSI at the console.   I have spent a lot of time doing AC Live and Mosaic Live recordings.  Been using Navionics cards for 10+ years, and would like to keep using those if possible.  My main desire is to overlay SI Mosaic type data on top of Navionics map.  Autochart live is super cumbersome because with my circuit of lakes, I will end up with over 300 different rocky points, rocky ledges, etc. to figure out how on the unit to go back and load the right Mosaic Live SIM file, so I purchased Autochart Pro.  I really like the Mega SI detail of the bird, but saving and recalling Mosaics on the Bird is much harder and not automatic like it is with my HDS/Structurescan units on my other boat.  I ordered Autochart Pro and it will be here tomorrow, and am trying to work around the AC Live/Mosaic live limitations with Autochart Pro software I hope.  I also ordered the Lake Images DVD this morning.   I searched around on here and found a lot of 2017 posts, but wondering if the Bird tech has changed since then.  Questions I have are:

1) I have recorded a bunch of Mosaic live files that are .SIM files.   Can Autochart Pro read those, or do I need to go back to the lakes I recorded on and do Sonar recording (.DAT files I think)?    It appears that Autochart Pro pulls only from sonar recordings/.DAT files, and gets side imaging data from that, correct?   SELF ANSWER:  AC Pro can pull in basic contour data from Autochart live files, but cannot read the Mosaic Live SIM files.
2) I read the Camohunter tutorials, and am a bit confused on the purpose of exporting tracks at the end of each day of recording.  It would seem that if I do the Sonar recording, that has both SI data and contour data, so is loading the tracks a requirement with Autochart Pro.  SELF ANSWER:  On newer units like Helix and Solix, your trail why you were recording is included, so I don't think there is added value to save your trails unless you wanted to see your entire set of trails fishing that day
3) I am hopeful that when I get Autochart Pro figured out (the Lake Images DVD set of videos are brief, too the point, but essential to figure out Autochart Pro btw, will shave many hours off), that I can do a number of sonar recordings, updated my Zero Lines card, and the side imaging data will be autodisplayed like the contour data is.  Haven't figured out on a Solix how to get the SI data to display, as still struggling to import side imaging files properly.  When you put in your Zero Lines Card, the options for Mosaic all disappear, so hopefully its automatic and I can keep using Navionics
4) I have an issue with my unit where it will only record about 300 or so yards, and then I start losing pie slice type chunks out of the beginning of the Mosaic live recording on the screen.   When I save the Mosaic Live recording, it also loses that recording data when I go to reload the file.  AC live records into memory and then when asked to save, I am writing it out to a fast  microsd card (not an ACL card, as that arrives in mail today).   Will recording to an ACL card help (I personally dont think so) or do I have something wrong with this unit potentially and it needs to be sent in?   Anybody else have this issue?   NOTE:  I video recorded the problem and sent it into Humminbird tech support. 
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