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Helix 9 g2 Side Image distorted
« on: August 10, 2019, 04:59:18 PM »
I have tried adjusting this transducer its a mega. One side remains good which is the drivers side. But the other side is distorted. Now if I turn on max mode they both will show, but the starboard side does not show any contour of the lake. 2D is great it will keep the bottom when the boat is on lane at even at 43mph. Down imaging is great too can see straight down like I'm looking at my shoes. But port side on side imaging is terrible to the point where if I'm viewing both sides on the transducer, port side almost black. I can see a few side image straight lines in in the left plane that is distorted. 

I have adjusted my jackplate to make sure its not blocking. I had a 798CS SI HD transducer mounted on the same spot as  the new (LONG) transducer the 798 was perfect no issues at all. it was perfect. Then I got this Helix

What is wrong here. I have mounted many HB transducers, but this long one is making me question what is going on. Is it being blocked by my motor when its trimmed all the way down. I walked to the other side of the boat and got down where the Xducer is mounted on the starboard side. It looks ok.

I could use a Y cable and add a second transducer, will I have to switch transducers to view them both simultaneously? I want to see both sides while I'm slowly moving through.

Will a second transducer draw more power?

Boat is a 06 Triton Sp175 Aluminum W 90hp Merc W Atlas Micro Jacker Jackplate. If you need a pic Ill send one.
One last point I have used the level technique to properly set the down angle. I have tried twisting the port side down by the adjusting screws, still no difference.


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Re: Helix 9 g2 Side Image distorted
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2019, 09:18:49 PM »
The most definitive test in this scenario can be by temporarily mount the xducer to a stick and immerse it in the water deeper than the boat hull  ...

If the image resolves = the issue is blockage  ...
If the image is still distorted = the xducer or head unit is malfunctioning  ...

Left and right dual SI xducers can be used with the 9 M SILR Y cable  ... Left SI would always come from the port xducer / right SI, 2d and temp would always come from the starboard xducer  ... This does not draw more power  ... The unit does not even recognize that there is a Dual xducer Setup simply because the 9 M SILR Y cable is nothing more than wires that reroute the data channels to different piezoes than normal  ....


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