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Title: Sparkplug Interference
Post by: Double Digit on June 05, 2017, 03:05:41 PM
Its been awhile since i last posted, But I had a long time problem fixed by accident so i figured i would share.Went to my local outboard part dealer for new plugs for the spring tuneup. I gave him the plugs i needed and he said i dont have those plugs but i have the "R"type same number only with an R in it.So i asked what does that mean?He said no difference except its designed to help electronics with any interference.Ok as long as they fit im good.I didn't even think about the interference that i have always had on my 998 at certain RPMS.1st trip out last week I'm idling out the harbor I look down at my unit and instantly see a huge difference in performance. I speed up a bit now usually my screen would be filled with interference...Nope crystal clear I switch over to my S I Same thing best image i ever had.Then it clicked...Holey S@! $...Its those new plugs!!!Had my unit for almost 4 yrs now i tried everything to get rid of the interference and have just excepted it.It works AWESOME now i cant believe the difference these "R"plugs made...So if your having interference problems ask for a set of spark plugs with the "R" in the number made to help with electronics .
Title: Re: Sparkplug Interference
Post by: Bob B on June 05, 2017, 05:02:15 PM
Thanks for sharing that....Now go look up that guy who sold you the other ones and set him straight
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