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Title: Helix 9 SI, Echomap chirp 92sv or Elite-7 TI
Post by: Superterrorizer on March 09, 2016, 03:49:15 PM

I'm going to buy my first sidescan unit. I think that I have narrowed it down to a Helix 9 SI, Echomap chirp 92sv or Elite-7 TI(not too keen on the Lowrance unit - don't like touchscreen).
I mainly fish freshwater lakes around 30 ft deep but in the future I might fish lakes that are up to 100 ft. Target fish are northern pike and zander. I need sidescan/sidevü/structure scan to locate shoals of baitfish but it would also be nice to single out my target fish.
I have used 2d sonar for many years, so I'm not new to sonars.

Here are a few of the questions that I need answers to:

-How far to each side will I be able to see fish and baitfish with these units? From the pictures I have seen on the internet 100ft each side seems to be the max.

-Will chirp on the Garmin unit make any difference, or will the older echomap 92sv and 72sv be just as good for the things I need?

-Will a 9" screen be much better than a 7" when both have the same resolution 480v X 800h? My boat is small, so I'm not far from the screen.

Any input will be appreciated.

Cheers Jesper :)
Title: Re: Helix 9 SI, Echomap chirp 92sv or Elite-7 TI
Post by: rnvinc on March 10, 2016, 10:55:31 PM
There most likely won't be much Garmin information on a HB forum ...(try The Hull Truth for Garmin info) ...

Side Imaging echo interpretation (especially fish echoes) is limited by screen size and SI range ... The greater the SI range selected = the more underwater acreage is crammed into that little display = everything is smaller the greater the SI range ...

Your estimate of discerning fish and baitfish at 100ft SI Range can sometimes be good with favorable water and Enviromental conditions ...

And sometimes 100ft SI Range is way too wide in less than favorable water and Enviromental conditions ...

Larger displays help the human eye pick out target echoes easier than higher resolution smaller displays  ...

Higher resolution gives better detail ... But that iota is negated if the eye can't pick out the target echoes in the smaller display in the first place ...

If one want pretty Internet pictures ...the higher resolution display is advantageous ...
If one wants to see the echoes live on the water ... the larger display is better ...

Title: Re: Helix 9 SI, Echomap chirp 92sv or Elite-7 TI
Post by: Superterrorizer on March 11, 2016, 03:08:50 AM
Thanks for your answer and sorry for posting the Garmin question - I was just curious to whether the chirp on the Garmin would be an advantage over the Helix 9 without chirp. I guess chirp doesn't make any real difference in the shallow water where I fish.
I will have a look at the Helix 9 when they reach the shops here in Denmark. I like the idea, that it is possible to upgrade with the 360 imaging if I ever get the money. 360 imaging seems a more useful tool compared to the Garmin Panoptix.
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