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Title: Onix10ciSI, XNT1420T, 360, Ulterra US2
Post by: RonnieB on April 16, 2015, 08:46:02 PM
For my Blazer Bay 2220 CC, I just purchased an Onix10ciSi, XNT-1420T, 360 TM, and a MinnKota Ulterra US2 with I-Pilot Link. I am linking via ethernet hub.  I have not read anyone posting about using all this combination. SI and 1420 connected to to Onix via Y cable.

My idea was to utilize a transducer switch and switch between the DI transducer on the Ulterra and the rear mounted XNT-1420. I believe both are 83/200khz. But after talking to CS, I found out that the switch would not work on this application. So I guess I am limited to physically changing the 1420 and Ulterra on the Y cable.

I am awaiting 2 cables and then I will sea trial it. Meanwhile, I brought a battery in my living room and have been playing with Onix for a week. All I can say is WOW!!

Any thoughts?
Title: Re: Onix10ciSI, XNT1420T, 360, Ulterra US2
Post by: Humminbird_Greg on April 17, 2015, 09:01:07 AM
Welcome to the Humminbird Side imaging Forums RonnieB.

Just a few thoughts here:
You did order an AS-ETH-5PXG 5-Port Ethernet Switch and the Ethernet Connections Cables that you will need for all of this, right?

They were correct about the transducer switch.  It is only made with the core model type transducer connectors which differ from the ONIX connectors.  I guess you could kluge it all together with adapters and such but the ONIX would not be able to auto identify the transducers, so this would require more menu changes on your part.

The US2 transducer is a 2D sonar transducer, not a DI transducer. 

Why didn’t you go with the inside-the-hull XP-14-20 transducer in place of the XNT-14-20-T transducer?
Title: Re: Onix10ciSI, XNT1420T, 360, Ulterra US2
Post by: RonnieB on April 17, 2015, 04:23:03 PM
Yes, I had to get several cables, only after the purchase did I figure it out though. I got the AS-ETH-5PXG 5-Port Ethernet. MKR-US2-13 UNIVERSAL SONAR 2 ADAPTER , MKR-US2-11 UNIVERSAL SONAR 2 EXTENSION CABLE, AS EC 10E, AS GPS NMEA, AS 14 SI DB Y.  I also bought 12' Talon w/sandwich mount and Tilt bracket and a MK 460PC 4 bank batter charger. (and 4 new batteries).  yes I emptied my savings... :P 

On hindsight, I should have gotten the in hull 14-20 transducer  ???

I got the Ulterra mainly for the Spot Lock and IPilot capabilities more than the DI. But initially thought the 2D would be neat if trolling motor was in use. I guess I could purchase a front mount unit.  The question is: will I even need the US2 transducer, given the fact that I have 360? Most times I fish 20-40 feet to the side of boat. But sometimes, I would like to fish and want to see directly beneath the boat. In this case, I wonder if I could disconnect the SI from 1-side of Y cable and use 1420 DI & US2 2D on the Y cable? This would be 8ft/24ft coverage with 20/60 deg.  But, I am hopeful the 360 & SI will suffice.

As far as Onix recognizing or identifying transducers, MinnKota recommends unit that has Dual Beam, which Onix has. HB CS recommended the 14 20T. So I would have thought it would recognize either one.

Cables came in today, installation should be complete on Monday. Hope to sea trial it on Tues and then I am sure I will be seeking expertise and experience on this forum. I have plenty of time with the Onix from my couch. I have all the buttons and menus figured out. But need some in-water experience. I think default settings will get me close, but details are in the the fine tuning.     

Title: Re: Onix10ciSI, XNT1420T, 360, Ulterra US2
Post by: Humminbird_Greg on April 18, 2015, 08:30:06 AM
Whether you will need the 2D sonar of the US2 transducer or not will all depend on how you are fishing and using your sonar and also on how well you understand what the 360 is showing you RonnieB.

You keep mentioning Down Imaging (DI) sonar but none of the transducers you have mentioned is capable of this except for the HDSI transducer that comes with the ONIX10ci SI unit and I am assuming that will be mounted on the transom.  The Ulterra’s US2 transducer is a 200/83kHz 2D transducer and is not capable of DI sonar.

The transducers for the ONIX and ION have some additional connections in them that allow for automatic detection of the transducer by transducer type (DualBeam, DI, HDSI,…) that the core model transducers and the US2 just don’t have.  The US2 will work with the ONIX but you may have to manually set some menus when you use the US2 transducer.
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