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Sold my beloved ONIX10cxi_SI w/upgraded 1000wRMS Transducer just the other day & absolutely heart-broken But when U have a few kids at Higher Education - U Do what U gotta Do I guess? (Sold my B.M.T. Too as including the ONIX was the Deal Breaker).
What I came 2realize is that although 2dayz newer units might be Mega-capable (1200khz), it just means U get 2see a whole lot more detail about Nothing as the difference between a 500wRMS Transducer vs 1000wRMS Transducer is like Night & Day.
That Head Unit had the power 2drive it & the Pixel Display was Crisp enuff 2yield the smallest details… 800khz was plenty on my ONIX10 as far as I was concerned.
Now I know there were some problems 4some owners w/the ONIX in the past when people failed 2do their software upgrades "successively" & that some Units were subject to "Bricking" But Not This Unit - I had 1 of the good ones & Not that I cared much for D.I. as I'm moreso a 2D Sonar + S.I. kinda guy, this Unit had dedicated Piezo Stones 4each manner of Sonar/Scan & that upgraded Transducer had a 74deg 2D Coverage Area w/adjustable CHIRP Frequency options.
Anywho, I think thatz it 4me Gentz seeing as I'm Not going 2B able 2Top that ONIX10cxi_SI w/o spending a fortune onna Helix Product that I believe 2B "inferior"... & 2think that about 4yrs ago, I 1st started out w/a little PMax4 & then graduated 2a 598ciHD_SI around the time I joined this Forum & since then, I've bought & sold 998, 1198 & 1199 & even "flipped" a Raymarine DragonFly4 Pro & a Garmin 400s & 550s somewhere in between.
The newer HB Units can boast "Mega 1200khz" all they like, But with just a 500wRMS Transducer - they still seem inferior 2my ONIX.
My thinking is that back in 2015 when HB came out w/the Helix/Solix Line was moreso to "break down" features in2 sub-packages in order 2make more money where a good example of this would be the 5inch 798ciHD_SI vs just about ANY of 2dayz Helix5 models - the 798ciHD_SI is still superior (i.m.o) & aother thing would be "networking" as thatz considered an upgrade as well…
Regardless, just want 2say "Thank U"  2Master Rickie 4Teaching Me & Thanks 2This Forum & ALL who pitched in when I was just starting out several years ago But I think Itz gonna be awhile B4 y'all hear from me as I'm Not sure what direction 2take as the 1st thing I'm going 2look at w/any FF is going 2be 2D Coverage Area + RMS Power so I'm pretty sure at this pt in time that I'm most likely 2go find myself a 2nd hand 999 or 1199 so that I can still run a Quad Beam 2have 90deg of 2D coverage 4now & as per what Brand I go with after that? (NO EYE DEER) Maybe even Nothing at All.

Thanks Y'ALL,
Sandro (Swann).
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Maybe think about popping in occasionally just to help out or catch up  ...


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      Sorry for your loss. Sometimes you get backed into a corner thru no fault of your own.
      Maybe one of the posters will be able to help you out. All I have is one of the first 998's made.
      I don't think that would meet your needs.
      Good luck and thanks for all the info you have shared.


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Sorry for you Swann , which transducer has 1000  ?

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