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Show off your DIY Towfish Images.  Please give us some specs on construction materials, measurements, etc.
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Towfish Prototype #1 Latvian
First test results are very good! :)

Tube length 110cm

Wings- 2mm Plastic
Tube diameter 50mm (Metal 1.5mm tick)
Weight > 10kg
Towfish metal nose 20cm/10+10cm (inside)
Original extension cables
Humminbird Transom Transducer XHS 9 HDSI 180 T 710201-1
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Posted by Walter
Jun 30, 2014
towfish N 3
60 m cable, 16 kg, 1,25 m and 10 cm diameter
fins are surf fins
LSS2 ducer and HDSI
455/800/200/83 in hdsi
455/800 and di in LSS2
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Posted by abraquelebout
Jun 24, 2014
My second towfish.
This one is built from a plastic wastewaterpipe. Nosecone is aluminium, and filled with lead. Th tranceducer is a thruhull model. Fins are made of polycarbonate.
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Posted by Kimi
Jan 02, 2014
DIY towfish by Mappe
A picture of the Towfish.
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Posted by Mappe
Oct 13, 2012
DIY towfish by Mappe
My first home made towfish. Because im a sheet metal man, the only opinion was to build it from stainless steel. It weight 5,1 kilos. Cable is CAT6 and it goes inisde a rope.
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Posted by Mappe
Oct 13, 2012
second towfish
60 m cable, working well, a good towfish,  hd ducer, 455 / 800 khz
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Posted by abraquelebout
Sep 20, 2011
Kimis towfish
This is my first towfish project. Anyone can build one like this in a few hours. Its all made in aluminum.
A led weight 2,5 kg, is in the front. I have only tested it whit standard cabellenght. It seem to work well.

I  made it whit a V-tail, because its easier to build, and it will not get stuck…
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Posted by Kimi
Sep 06, 2011
Towfish No-2
Longer Array = 2x 262 kHz HB-Transducer
next time: Transducer tilt 10 - 35
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Posted by Sea-Rover
Sep 01, 2011
DIY-Towfish No-2
Towfish only for test: PVC, Alu, longer Array 23cm (ex HB-Transducer 262 kHz)
waterproof connector, weight in air 8 kg
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Posted by Sea-Rover
Sep 01, 2011
DIY-Towfish No-1
Waterproof Connectors
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Posted by Sea-Rover
Aug 19, 2011
DIY-Towfish No-1
Material: PVC, Inox, Alu, left and right side dismantles singelducer with 10 down, HB-Transducer 455/800, waterproof connector, weight in air 12 kg
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Posted by Sea-Rover
Aug 19, 2011
IMG 2872
Made this out of PVC.  Plex fins.   I cut the body for the fins to be disassembled.  I balance the fish with lead on each end.  If anyone wants more info I will have to look at old notes.
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Posted by angel
Apr 20, 2011
TF3 aft
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Posted by Roddy
Apr 07, 2011
TF3 fwd
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Posted by Roddy
Apr 07, 2011
TF3 xducer mount
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Posted by Roddy
Apr 07, 2011
Tow Fish #3
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Posted by Roddy
Apr 07, 2011
Roddy's Tow Fish #2
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Posted by Roddy
Mar 29, 2011
Roddy's Tow Fish
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Posted by Roddy
Mar 29, 2011
Zoom Details 1
Terschelling's towfish
Some figures:
Lenght  1.50m
Tail fin in X configuration , made out of 2mm stainless steel plate  14 x 45 cm

Pipe 32mm diam. wallthickness 1mm,  transducer simply connected with bolt & nut.
2 divebelt weights of 2kg at the front.
towing point: shackle which is connected tothe pipe by stainless steel…
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Posted by Terschelling
Mar 10, 2011
Rickard's towfish
This is my experimental fish in it's present condition. Not beatiful, but works well. The body is a 3,5 feet, 1" steel pipe. Weight is now 10 kg which is needed for keeping the fish at 30 m depth at 3 Knots. I have attached lead at the nose, inside the nose and behind the transducer. The towing cabl…
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Posted by Rickard
Mar 03, 2011
Humminbird Transducer Fish v1
The first attempt to build a fish for the transducer. Weight in air: 5,2 kg. I use The cable is from an ocean reef diver telephone and can be used without an extra cable.
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Posted by plastikboot
Jun 18, 2010
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