Shipwrecks and Sunken Boats
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John boat
 Views: 8
Posted by Kenai
Jul 06, 2024
new wooden wreeck
towfish hélix G2/1275 khz ;)
 Views: 2579
Posted by abraquelebout
Sep 13, 2018
S00849 kopie
Wooden wreck from 1799
 Views: 2674
Posted by Coen Onstwedder
Mar 11, 2018
Wooden wreck
Here is a good wreck image.
 Views: 3285
Posted by Lake Diver
May 19, 2015
Shipwreck with unknown large target
 Views: 1107
Posted by Lake Diver
Sep 30, 2014
Wreck in lake
This cruiser was wrecked in 1989 but only found in 2013
 Views: 1293
Posted by palajam
Apr 13, 2014
Unknown boat in Long Beach Harbor near the jedi.
 Views: 1030
Posted by rsouza3
Mar 27, 2014
Sunken wooden ship?
Huge koichestvo boards. What etomozhet be? The collapse of the old wooden ship, or a wooden house? River. From the shore is not very far away. Lowrance StructureScan + HDS-5.
 Views: 1083
Posted by Chapaj
Nov 02, 2013
index 1
The wreck john fengerfors that we found while fishing in lake veneren. :-)
 Views: 1153
Posted by sjefsrafsern
Oct 06, 2013
small boat
The second little boat we found in lake femund.:-)
 Views: 1044
Posted by sjefsrafsern
Oct 06, 2013
IMG 20130720 043405
the first of two small boats we found while we were fishing in lake femund.
 Views: 990
Posted by sjefsrafsern
Oct 06, 2013
 Views: 1111
Posted by Oleg
Jun 15, 2013
 Views: 1059
Posted by Oleg
Jun 15, 2013
 Views: 1160
Posted by Oleg
Jun 15, 2013
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Nice surprise
Boats from Poland - next
 Views: 1176
 Comments: 1
Posted by -PYTOON-
May 05, 2013
Nice surprise
Boats from Poland
 Views: 1073
Posted by -PYTOON-
May 05, 2013
Sunken Barge
 Views: 1188
Posted by gammo42
Dec 27, 2012
Dugout Canoe
This is a dugout from the Bronze Age found in Lough Ree on the River Shannon Ireland
 Views: 1173
Posted by palajam
Dec 21, 2012
Sunken wood boat. (zoom)
Sunken woodboat zoom picture.
 Views: 2915
Posted by Mappe
Oct 14, 2012
Sunken wood boat.
Sunken wood boat. 898SI + Towfish
 Views: 2851
Posted by Mappe
Oct 14, 2012
Shipwreck Langelandbelt Denmark
Went fishing today and found a beautiful shipwreck.
Caught a lot of big cod on it!  ;D
 Views: 1076
Posted by Kees Michielsen
Sep 03, 2012
Old Coast Guard Vessel
 Views: 2585
Posted by Mappe
Aug 30, 2012
Chevy or Ford
This is an image of what I believe is a car near a boat ramp. Note the prop wash. Note the concrete segments of the ramp.
You decide! It might even be a Jon boat.
 Views: 1218
Posted by garyr
Dec 06, 2011
Jon Boat/Rowboat??
 Views: 1046
Posted by HarrisonDawgs
Sep 10, 2011
Northrop N-3P WWII airplane.
One of my first pictures taken with my SI unit.

I suspect that the image will be even better when I deploy my towfish.

Picture of very rare Norwegian WW2 sea airplane, type Northrop N-3P.
Ocean depth 10 - 12 m.
The plane lies upside down in a thick mud.
 Views: 1207
Posted by DiveExplorer
Sep 02, 2011
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