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Title: Need help with Helix 5 SI GPS and Navionics+ micro SD card Please
Post by: Larrikin on June 01, 2015, 05:21:31 PM
New to the forums here. Glad to find this site and read up on info before making a purchase. Maybe get some help too!

Purchased a new Helix 5 SI two weeks ago. Since installation all worked well until 4 days ago when I inserted Navionics+ card. With the Navionics data card the chart goes from the info with buoys, depth and contours, to the default Hummingbird chart. After unit boots up, I go to Chart page (either full screen or split screen) says navigational loading. After some seconds, the chart displayed is using the Navionics data with boys and blue bottom color and sounding info. The problem is that the displayed chart flashes from the full and colored data display to a chart display that looks like the Helix default chart display. So every 2.75 seconds the chart switches to the default Helix chart for less than 1/8 second then back to the Navionics+ chart data. It goes on for 30 minutes at least like this. I restarted the Helix and the same thing repeated. I changed the chart preference from auto to chart chip only, same thing repeated. I selected to the Helix chart from the preferences, and chart data performed as expected with no sounding data and just shoreline info (but it did no do the flashing thing). I've tried restarting after each change, but it still flashes at 2.75 second intervals when using Navionics+ MSD card. Software for Helix 5 SI is version 7.520 which is the most current as per the FAQ's at Hummingbird.

I then tried it in a different new Helix 5 SI as suggested by Hummingbird tech support. Did the exact same thing right out of the box. After again speaking with Hummingbird in Eufaula (actually spoke on telephone with Willette) they again suggested I send back the "faulty" unit. I asked them if that meant both, 2 out of 2, units. They then said they might be able to try a Navionics+ card in their unit there. They looked but did not have a chart card to try. Said that the Navionics+ card WAS definitely comparable with the new Helix 5 SI. So probably a problem with the Navionics+ card. Willette was trying her best at a good effort.

I called Navionics  and spoke with tech support rep Scott. Explained problem to him. He said the problem was probably the Helix 5 SI software since the card was being read and the chart was switching at a very consistent pattern. He said that downloading the few data updates would not solve the problem.

So my question for help is this.
Does anyone use the Navionics+ 16 GB micro SD card in their Helix 5 SI. If so, when you look at the GPS chart displayed to see the buoys marking, say zoomed to see a 4 mile channel, does your chart depth, buoy icons, and contours stay displayed as they should?

If you have any useful suggestions please feel free to toss your opinions in there. I really want this unit to work. Really! I am replacing a small Garmin fish finder and it worked fine, but I wanted to try the sonar improvements. I still have 2 weeks left for returns.

Thanks for your help!

Title: Re: Need help with Helix 5 SI GPS and Navionics+ micro SD card Please
Post by: rnvinc on June 02, 2015, 05:32:03 PM
The quandary is that the diagnosis doesn't yet indicate whether the issue is the Helix or the map card ...

Do you know anyone with a Navionics + micro card you could test in your Helix ...

You may have to let HB know you're could be willing to send them the unit and the card ...because it sounds like Navionics is not going to own up until there is definite indication the card is bad ...

Title: Re: Need help with Helix 5 SI GPS and Navionics+ micro SD card Please
Post by: Larrikin on June 03, 2015, 05:36:13 PM

Navionics+ 16 GB chip is NOT compatible with the Helix 5 SI as it is sold preloaded out of the box.

When Navionics+ card is connected to the Navionics update site, a clearly worded message appears. It says: "The amount of data you have selected exceeds the capacity your GPS plotter can manage. Please do one of the following...". (Even though you did not “select” any data, the data card was already preloaded from Navionics) The Navionics+ data card must be erased, and then the selection box tool is used to select only the Nautical Chart area and SonarCharts you want. The full 16 GB Preloaded data card is too much for the Helix 5 SI processor to handle.


Once the Navionics+ data card is erased, and reloaded with the smaller amount of data (how much data can be saved is still not known to me) the problem I experienced of flashing of chart data in GPS chart mode solved. I will contact both Hummingbird and Avionics so maybe the next person gets the info.
Title: Re: Need help with Helix 5 SI GPS and Navionics+ micro SD card Please
Post by: rnvinc on June 04, 2015, 11:12:54 AM
Well now that's interesting ...

I'll have to make a note of that because I'm sure we will see this issue again in the future ...

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