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899 Depth readout

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There was a time back in the xx7 days where HB fixed a similar erratic depth issue with a software update  ... (I still use my 1197 to this day and I remember a lot of updates)  ... 

It was the same scenario we are seeing today = erratic depth over hard bottom creating double the actual depth readings... with correct bottom detail  ...

HB'S software fix did indeed "fix" the erratic depth... But I swear it seemed to me the unit was less "sensitive" to showing weaker echoes  ...in 2d and SI  ...

Of course there no quantifying evidence I could ever tag that software update to  ...

I still refuse to use the latest (and last) software update for my 1197  ... the latest is just not the "greatest" (software version for my 1197)  ...


Bob B:
I just saw a post on another forum where the surface clutter was explained.  When the surface clutter is adjusted it affects the TVG .... I don't know if switchfire clear has to be turned on or not.
The lower the surface clutter is set, the greater the action of the TVG ..... They were saying a surface clutter setting of 1 or 2 is where the erratic depth is normally seen.  So, I guess the thing to do would be have switchfire clear turned on and if you have erratic depth keep turning the surface clutter setting up and see if it corrects the problem.
I don't have a unit with this problem, or I would do some experimenting.


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