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GPS Waypoints with two 998c HD


Doug Johnston:
Question: With two 998c HD on my boat with one std GPS receiver at transom connected to console FF and one as-gps-hs receiver connected to the bow FF. These units are Ethernet. If I mark a waypoint with the console FF and rear receiver will it be the same accuracy when I go back and try to locate it from the bow FF and receiver?  It is hard for me to find the waypoint (brush pile) when I come back a few weeks later. It I think was save on the console when the unit is shut off. Please help me better understand this system THANKS  dj

Bob B:
The accuracy should be the same as long as the GPS antenna is close to the transducer of the unit marking the waypoint ...... and you need to be careful you aren't sharing the bow antenna to the console unit, or that could make it off.

I don't have the HS GPS, but I think you can share the heading indication without sharing the GPS data.

Also, the waypoint is only saved into the memory of the unit marking the waypoint, but will show on both units as long as they are networked.

As Bob indicated.  It may also be hard to get back on a small target depending on how you mark it.  I try to mark them in imaging view and use multiple marks when possible for preferred approach angles.


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