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981c SI menus disappeared completely

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After an upgrade to 4.950 (from the original 3.180-i think- version), all the SI options have disappeared from the unit. I have ordered an AS-PC2 cable now and I am waiting for it to come, in order to try the bootstrap option that I have read here about. Somebody else was suggesting to downgrade the unit to an older version (i have found a few versions here on the site) then upgrade back.

As I have seen a few other people encountered the same issue, I have a question for you: has anybody managed to fix this without sending the unit back to Humminbird? For me this would be a very complicated issue, as I live in Romania and I have to send it to US.

If you managed to get back the SI features, what have you done exactly?

Many thanks in advance,

Sorry for double post, but to be precise, the unit is a 981CX SI

Make sure you are not in demo mode, and that you have the advanced user mode selected on the set-up menu.

Try "Restore Defaults" under the Setup tab ...

If that doesn't help ...make sure the xducer is connected to the unit ... Then ... :

Go under the "Views" tab and make the "Accessories" view "Visible" ...

Then exit out of the menu system and cycle thru the views until you see the "Accessories" view ...

Does it show "Temperature" as "Connected" ...??


Sorry for the late reply, just yesterday I had time to go to the boat. I have tried:

a) to restore defaults - nothing changed
b) temperature is connected.
c) tried to upgrade/downgrade using the bootstrap procedure. I have reached the bootstrap menu, choosed 9 (program) and pressed view. The sonar said "Programming.." but it was not appearing in HumminbirdPC (I have waited ~5 minutes). In normal mode, when started, it appears very fast in HumminbirdPC. Not being able to update in bootstrap mode, I have updated it to 4.950 and also tried 3.940 (originally it had 4.750, not 4.950 as I wrongly said initially).

Still, I have no side-view scanning options in the sonar and no idea what else to do/try.

I have made photos with all the screens that I have, maybe you observe some issue somewhere.

P.S. I have connected the sensor to an identical sonar belonging to a friend, and using his head unit the sonar works ok in side view, so it is something related just to software.


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