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981c SI VIEW Preset key issue


Hello everyone,
I noticed that when I press the third of the 3 VIEW preset keys on my 981c, the unit takes a snapshot instead of displaying a view. If I try to press and hold the button to store a view, as soon as i press it the unit takes a snapshot and doensn't store the view. Is there anyone who can tell me what can I do to fix the problem? I searched through the instruction manual but id doesn't say anything about it.
thanks a lot

Now that's an odd one ...

Did you try Restore Defaults ... ??

If you disable Screenshot in the menu system, does this still happen ... ??


I have not tried to restore it to defaults yet because I wanted to see if there was a solution without having to lose my settings preferences.
Anyway, tomorrow I'll go fishing, I'll try to disable screenshots, let's see what happens, I'll let you know.
Thanks a lot

Ok, I have disabled Screenshots in the menu system, and I fixed, the third VIEW preset key displays a view. It seems once you enable screenshots, the third VIEW key automatically becomes a key for taking snapshots. I have not tried to restore my unit to default cause I didn't want to lose my settings, I'm just curious to know if it's the same fot others 981c owners here in the forum... thanks :)


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