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How Did you Learn to See Fish on Side Imaging?

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Bubba Canuck:
OK, so I've watched many videos (Jason Halfen, Doug Vahrenberg, etc.) and many others over the past year, and I can see the fish when they point them out on their SI images. But when I get on the lake sometimes I'm just not sure what I'm looking at. I'm getting better, I can see the bright returns sometimes and am pretty sure they're fish, but it's still a guessing game many times.

How did you guys learn to tell fish on your Side Imaging. Just plain old hours on the water and experience with the bird, or do you have any other advice how to get better at reading the screen.

Bob B:
Time with the unit is the main thing ..... but even then it is sometimes guess whether you are seeing fish or maybe a return from a rock.

One thing you can do to make the fish stand out better is turn on the SI enhance.  It makes the image a little more grainy, but can really help the fish pop out better......I usually use the low setting, but you can bump it up more if you like the information, but don't care about a pretty picture.
Experimenting with contrast and sensitivity setting can help also .... You can move the cursor to make the screen pause when you see something interesting and then try different color pallets and contrast and sensitivity settings.
Recording and playing back with Humviewer is another way to will often see things that you didn't notice when on the water.

You just gotta play with the settings to see what they do for you ..... If you get something out of whack and don't know what you did to mess it up, you can always reset to defaults and start over.

Bubba Canuck:
Thanks Bob B! Great advice.

Adjusting the settings after the fact is a great idea too. I'll have to remember to do that.

Reduce the SI Range to make all echoes larger ... Even down to 30-40ft until you train your eyes to pick out the fish echoes ...

And experiment with the palette choices ... Everyone's eyes are different ...

Freeze the screen with the 4way cursor and cycle thru the palette choices to see which palette choice works for your eyes under that specific lighting condition at the time ...


I never learned.
I never saw nothing but structure and bottom.
That's why I want a 360.


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