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360 imaging interference


biggs aquaholic:
I have a 998c HD and 360 on bow as well as a  998c HD at the steering helm. I get interference on 360 when both units are on. I have tried powering both units with the 360 on, but unplugged the transducer to the 2nd unit at the steering helm and the interference goes away. Any suggestions to remedy this? both units already run off of separate batteries but the power wire for the 360 bow unit does run up the same wiring cavity as the other unit.

It is called crosstalk. Multiple sonar sources at the same frequency will confuse the units with multiple sonar pings. Turn the sonar from the one not in use to off. Or ethernet all units and select only one transducer at a time to be viewed on all units. Bob

biggs aquaholic:
Can ethernet be done by interlink or is there a different hub for looking and using multiple transducers?

5 port ethernet switch will allow you to link up the two units and the 360 so that you can use one transducer with two units. Otherwise simply tap the power button on the unit not in use and turn the sonar off.

Yep, what Rotus said.
The InterLink is another animal that is less useful.


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