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New Innovation or Rumor?

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Bob B:
I've been putting this on wish lists for a while....we will know soon if it is true or not.

Minn Kota introduces new product at ICAST 2012 called I-Pilot Link.

Minn Kota has integrated their iPilot trolling motors, which use GPS navigation to automatically guide your trolling motor, with select Humminbird depthfinders. Now you can control your trolling motor through your fishfinder in addition to the remote control.

Two of the new features. One is called GoTo – you can select stored data (Spot-Lock location, waypoint, or trolling paths), and the trolling motor will automatically take you there. Plus you can control the speed you travel as well. The seconed feature is called “Follow The Contour” (available only with Lake Master maps) – you can select a contour depth on your map via your Humminbird, and the trolling motor will automatically follow it in any direction you wish

Not rumor.  Humminbird and MinnKota both released press releases about what is coming this week at iCast, and the new iPilot Link is just what they mentioned.

This is what I was waiting for, and why I hadn't purchased an iPilot yet.

That will be awesome!

Is this going to be connected via ethernet?

I wonder how many software updates it's going to take
to get all of that working correctly?

And, do you guys think that by adding these new features to the
updates, that they may adversely affect the sonar in other ways
through lack of thorough testing?


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