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Law enforcement officers train on new Sonar

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It's difficult to tell how the vertical beam widths in the HB transducers relate to other systems because HB use their own standard, they give the -10 dB angle while most other systems are described with the -3 dB angle. The -3 dB angle is always less than the -10 dB angle. I think they present the one-way beam width like most do, but the practical beam width, the socalled two-way beam pattern is even narrower since the beam is formed both on transmit and receive before it is processed and displayed. Consequently, it's hard to tell if the HB transducers really have unusually wide beams, they are probably about as wide as in most systems.


Actually, based on the results we get with the 800khz and typical range of about 3 to 4 times your depth, if anything, I would want to angle the 800khz beam slightly upward to look farther out to the side.


Since the target we are looking for in SAR is typically small we might be more intertested in detail and not distance. For side imaging, even with the tow fish we generally look in a smaller area and then for a more definate target.
Now if it is the titanic, then we can expand the side to side distance.


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