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Humminbird to Launch TRUE Down Imaging for 2011!

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Does anyone know whether Humminbird is going to release a new model instead of 998c SI in 2011? Or they only enhance Down Imaging for 500 and 700 series? :-\

Bob B:
Seems like Humminbird isn't ready to let us know yet.  I would like to know also so I can decide what to buy.

As far as I know (I have not seen anything official in writing from the powers that be yet) we will continue to make the 998c Si units as is.  I do not know if there will be a software upgrade, hardware upgrade or accessory that will work with any of the current units that will be like the Di in the 500 and 700 series.  At this point I do not even know that they are different for sure.  My guess would be “yes” but that is only speculation on my part as we typically would have features in the lower end units available in the higher end units – although there have been exceptions to this (reference the Circular Flasher View in the 700 series units that is not available in the 800, 800 and 1100 series units).

With the trade shows starting there should be some better information starting to get out.  I am told that there is information on the Humminbird Facebook page but I had to close my account so I do not have access to this.

Bob B:
Thanks for the info Greg. 

I got a copy of the 2011 catalog yesterday and have found that there will be a new transducer for the new 500 and 700 series “Di” units.  It is the XNT-9-Di-T transducer for the transom with an XP-9-Di-T for inside-the-hull mounting (a trolling motor version will be the XNT-9-Di-T with our standard trolling motor adapter bracket).  This transducer is not listed as an optional transducer for any of the Si units (797, 798, 898, 981, 987, 997, 998, 1157, 1158).


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