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Humminbird to Launch TRUE Down Imaging for 2011!

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I think I've been misdirected.  The images I saw that led me to this point were by a Lowrance Pro staff member.  I see now that Hummingbirds images are just as good.  I'm at a cross roads as I'm thinking of switching over to Hummingbird after 20+ years using Lowrance products.  So..... are the new units coming out next year worth the wait or should I just dive in now?  Tournaments start up for us in Texas in January.  I'll need my new units installed around that time.  Thanks!

That depends Ranchdip: which units or what sized units were you looking at?  The only new large units coming out are the 1158c and 1198c Si units.  If you are looking at a smaller Si unit than you can go ahead and buy the 998c Si, 898c Si or 798c Si (or 798ci Si) unit now as they are not changing for 2011.  Most of the changes are occurring in the non-Si units and any new software features built into the 998, 898, and 798 units can be downloaded into these units when the software updates come out.  So it really depends on what units you are looking at getting as to whether you should wait or not.

Thanks for the heads up!


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