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981 CX Reprograming Coprocessor


Bought a boat this year with a 981cx, worked fine for first couple trips now it works for 5 minutes and freezes up.

It keeps trying to load and then the screen says reprograming coprocessor, it wont stop saying that.

Tried downloading latest version of software on sd card 4.950 and put it in and it says that version is already on there.

It wont download, I am new to this forum and hummingbird and would appreciate any help I can get.

I called hummingbird and they told me it's shot what do you expect from a 2005 unit. Thanks for reading this.

You might try loading an older version of software from here  ...

I'm not 100% sure the 981c versions will load into your cx model but the unit will ignore the software if it's not compatible  ...


Thank you, I will try that


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