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All things 'technical' - Autochart pro + 2nd Zerolines card
« on: September 22, 2019, 11:39:36 AM »
Hi Everyone - I'm sure this has been asked before - or not.  We have two Helix 10's (console/bow).  All that stuff works great.  My husband is the 'keeper' of the waypoints (backing up, etc).  I'm the keeper of the Zerolines cards (maintaining, backing up, etc).  Long story short....  We've had our Helix units for a couple years now - so I have a lot of Autochart depth data.  Some of that depth data (prior to updates) had the infamous 'double bottom' and 'double depths'. I've been using Autochart pro software (on my desktop) to go thru and delete the bad data points. I still have a lot of bad data to remove...and/or figuring out what areas of the lakes to re-chart.   

My process has been (Primary Zerolines card - console).... come home from lake, import data into Autochart Pro.  *Map here* (current lake).   Make any adjustments to the data (if applicable, save),  *Create map* ,   then *Lakemaster Update*.   

At that point - the Primary Zerolines card has both ACU files and ACD files in the ACDATA folder.    I copy EVERYTHING (ACU & ACD) from the ACDATA folder and put it in a folder on my computer (backup).

Remove Primary Zerolines card from computer, input Secondary Zerolines card in the computer.   Open ACDATA folder, DELETE everything.   Copy & Paste the above files that I just backed up from the Primary.   Open up Autochart Pro (looks identical to the Primary) - *Map Here*,  *Create Map*,   *Lakemaster Update*.

My question..........   Once Autochart Pro ACD files are created & adjusted and the maps have been updated - Do we still need the original ACU files?    I actually attempted to do this (experimenting) using the Secondary card, but the maps wouldn't show up correctly.  I immediately put everything back in.  I'm still not sure how all this works....... and wasn't sure if I was approaching it incorrectly.

Seems any information I search for online - doesn't get into the 'technical' of the files/etc   I have 350 ACU files and 350 ACD files that I copy /paste from one card to the other (total 700).
Is there a better and/or easier faster method? What am I missing?

Does anyone know how the Autochart makes the mapping?  I mean.... Say for instance, you have 25 different data points for the exact same place?  Does it use an algorithm or average of all 25 points to get the final depth lines? Or does it only take the 'newest' depth data  that you collected?

My apologies If I've asked this already.....  Thank you for your time and hope you're enjoying the weekend!


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Re: All things 'technical' - Autochart pro + 2nd Zerolines card
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2019, 09:58:55 PM »
You might also post in the AutoChart subforum  ...

Some guys check in there without checking the general forum  ...

HB is also a good resource  ... 1-800-633-1468


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