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Hummingbird Wont Repair my Unit
« on: February 16, 2021, 12:40:48 PM »
I have a 899 unit that I paid 1,000.00 + dollar for a few year back. I keep it in a padded waterproof case to keep it safe, nice and clean. This unit has NEVER been dropped or mistreated. That being said I ran into an issue with my 899 SI HD Unit.  The screen when black on me. When there is power hooked to the unit, if I hold down the power button and the backlight to the buttons will come on but no dice with the screen.  When I let go off the power button the lights turn off.  So here is the catch, after multiple calls to Hummingbird they informed me that they don't make parts for my unit. That's it end of conversation and no solution to the problem was presented.  They didn't offer a discount on a new unit or a trade for a new used model.  They just said they don't make the parts  Had I known this is what would happen the only time i call to get help with my unit, I would hot have invested in the Hummingbird brand. I would have gone a different route. So that being said, if you have any hummingbird units know that they stop making parts after so many years and you will be stuck with a very expensive unit that can not be fixed.

 If anyone has an old unit they don't use anymore please let me know.  Hummingbird - if your out there and reading this I would appreciate some help regarding this issue. My boat is build around the Humming bird brand and I cant afford to switch.

Please Help!!

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Re: Hummingbird Wont Repair my Unit
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 10:46:21 PM »
Parts inventory has a lot to do with how long a series stays on the “Serviceable” list  ...

Here is a contact that may be able to service your unit  ... (I have no affiliation or experience with this company but they have been advertising at bbc for several years)  ...

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Re: Hummingbird Wont Repair my Unit
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2021, 08:08:52 AM »
I can't get parts for my vinyl Bang @& Olfsuon record turntable or my Sony Walkman either....I am so pissed off I could just spit!  LMAO. Has anybody got a blower motor part for a 1980s Yugo? A product being Obsolete is terrible situation. Same thing happened with my  Lowrance  350A...I was so pissed too! My wife is getting old too,  can I get a deal on a trade-in or some used parts?  I got an 899SI which works perfect, being as such I just bought a HElix 12 SI for $1999 at Cabelas and I already own a 1199SI I will use as dedicate plotter with a Ethernet cable to the Helix 12SI....what will you give me for my 899SI?  IF Humminbird had parts to fix yours you would be looking at a minimum of $500. I  will sell you my 899SI for  $500 and it has less than 200 hours and comes with $100 vacuum sealed storage case. Because Hummingbird won't repair your unit is no grounds for being a  bad company. Would you want to finance the parts inventory with your own $$$$? That 899SI unit came out in early 2010?  Have you got a repair bill on your 10 year old plasma big-screen TV yet?

J. Reed

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