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Is there a users group for SonarTRX or, if not, is anyone planning on starting one? I have read the instruction manual twice and still have questions on file handling for creating mosaics. I hate to keep bugging Tore with newbie questions.

Good day! It has been almost six months, but no you did not answer . Probably no more users of this program . Two days ago I bought this program.
Established easily.
1.In the bundle did not find the instructions on the PDF file . Assistance in the form of XPS document. I do not know how to open it . Had to convert to PDF . Already PDF pervod into Russian.
2 . When you try to download the files I get an error . Empirically determined that large files with tracks (and I were more than 500 mb) are not loaded . There is a way to download . But about it in the instructions are not specified in detail . If a large file is not loaded, then you need to begin shipping its pieces , about 30 minutes to scan. First displayed image scanning and yfghbvth time - from 20.00 to 24.00 . not the entire file to download. We are starting to ship pieces , 30 minutes . First 20.00-20.30 , 20.30-21.00 , and the second on. Instead of one huge get several alternatives small .
3 . Image processing functions very much. But the primary mosaic can be immediately and automatically . To search for large objects such as wrecks , it is good. And only then to engage in more places intresnee korrekttsiey brightness , distance and more.
4 . When you load the resulting files * . KML to " GOOGLE Earth " do not ship a lot! On exit " GOOGLE Earth " offers to keep all in a folder in "My Places". But the file * . KML this picture. them very much. As a result, I no longer loaded " GOOGLE Earth ." Udalat had to manually file " my tags " . Although this feature of the program " GOOGLE Earth " and not sonartrh .
In the photo example piece of the puzzle of the crash program " GOOGLE Earth ."


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