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SonarTRX 12.1 - New SI features, Beam Angle Correction (BAC) etc.


SonarTRX 12.1 has a new Beam Angle Correction feature (BAC) useful for bringing out more details from the slant range corrected images. Here are some images from a Humminbird recording - Made with a 998c-SI from a kayak, in an area of water depth 15 feet. The track-distance of each image is about 200'.

Example 1: Images that includes the water column (i.e. No Slant Range Correction)

The image to the left is based on the original uncorrected data from the Humminbird recording. The image to the right has been auto-corrected by maximizing contrast.

Example 2: Slant Range Corrected (SRC) images.

The image to the left is auto-corrected by maximizing contrast, but there is a large drop in brightness at higher beam angles (larger ranges). The image to the right has undergone Beam Angle Correction to even-out the brightness and bring out additional details at far ranges. A high contrast setting was selected to bring out as much detail as possible (this is optional.)


Close-up of example target on the seabed

The images below are close-up details of one of the targets from the above SRC images. The image to the left has a lower contrast and a slight drop in brightness from top to bottom. The image to the right (w/BAC) has a higher contrast and more even brightness from top-to bottom of the image.

Other new 12.1 features...
SonarTRX 12.1 makes better use of multi-core computers, and loads data from file significantly faster than previous versions.
The new SonarTRX-SI version (for Humminbird SI sonars) now has the same Altitude tools as the full version of SonarTRX. To have better control of the slant range correction, the altitude can be digitized, or it can be calculated based on the sonar data. This is useful if the seabed is very rough, or if there are particular bottom-features that should be ignored when determining the altitude for use when slant range correcting the data.



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