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Any Perch fisherman on here?

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I would love to see screen shots of perch & any perch finding/fishing tips would be welcome as well.

Jason Halfen doesn't visit here very often but he does have lots of info for the Northern fishermen  ...



I have been on Jason's site before & didn't see much about perch, but I went there & checked again anyway since you were so kind as to reply and post a link. I found a little on perch, but I still didn't find what I was looking for. It's mostly just a lot of products he is selling. I'm sure they are all good products but not really what I was looking for.

When I was a kid in the late 70's & early 80's we used to have phenomenal perch fishing off the piers and out of boats in lake Michigan for jumbo perch. Plus good perch fishing in Muskegon lake, but then invasive species caused too much chaos and the fishery started to collapse. By the mid 80's we could catch 200-500 perch a day out of Muskegon lake ice fishing, but most were small. About one out of 20 was a keeper. Eventually we couldn't even catch a single perch of any size. Then the inland lakes started getting fished out as pressure switched to them & I eventually quit fishing for perch all together and became a river fisherman for trout. Eventually I quit fishing and now I am slowly trying to get back into it.

I'm sure I will never see the glory days of perching again but I know enough are around that if I can learn how to find them I may be able to be spoiled enough to make me happy. They have been very slowly growing in numbers over the years and I know there are guys that do real well on a fairly regular basis, but they are very secretive. So if I can learn more about how and where to find them with sonar throughout the year that would be a great help in becoming a serious perch fisherman again. I'm sure I can figure it out eventually. It would just be nice to shorten the learning curve (especially for lake Michigan) because you can't just go anywhere and catch lots of nice size perch anymore. It seems like seeing perch on sonar may be difficult since they are relatively small and like to hug bottom so I was curious if anyone would have any screen shots of them.

I know there are some serious percher's out there. I just don't know where to find any willing to share their knowledge. I was hoping I might find some of them here.

It's kind of surprising that you can find plenty on finding and fishing for crappies, bluegills, bass, walleye and many others but there is not much on becoming proficient at fishing for perch that I have seen. Mostly just some info here and there on short windows of opportunity.

I guess I shouldn't say there is hardly any info on perch tactics because there is. Just not so much about finding the roaming schools of big perch that like to run the deep water around here in lake Michigan and deeper connecting waters like Muskegon lake. I can always catch an occasional smaller perch (usually 4"-7"), but it's more of an accidental catch than anything and it rarely happens in any numbers.

I know what you are going to think, but Crappie.Com. There is a forum that you just might like for your perch. I am in NC so I wouldn't be as much help. There is also a state forum that might be of some help.


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