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xprize ocean discover project 2000m depth OCEAN FLOOR MAPPING


Hello I am looking for a way to map create a high resolution bathymetric map at 2000 meter is this possible with any humingbird product?
can anyone give me suggestions for this challenge?

I can build drone boats need to figure out sonar mapping side.

need to map 100 Square meters in 16 hours with resolution 5.0 meters horizontal 0.5 meter vertical

how many meters wide  can I scan in 1 pass how large will me fleet of drones need to be?

can I get 2 passes in 16 hrs?

Thanks for any help

Spd 135:
6500 feet is way beyond any recreational electronics.  You would need a towfish and then you would need 3x the cable as the depth which is 19,500 ft.  You will also need a program that does the imaging you need for your project.  Humminbord, nor any recreational program has setback for GPS coordinates as your towfish would be deep and behind the towing vessel. 

This is not a low budget project.  The other issue is making sure when you survey the area you have no holidays (spots lacking information from going to wide from the previous track).  You would have to chart waypoints and make sure whatever tows the fish can cover the area so that it gathers all of the necessary information.  Then you need a mapping program to take the information and create a map. 

Good luck on the project.

Would this work?

CP570 Professional CHIRP Sonar Module

Transmit Power: Maximum 4kW output using two independent CHIRP channels
Frequency: Dual independent CHIRP channels from 25 to 250kHz
Maximum Depth: 10,000'

I know its going to cost a lot I will need sponsors
I need a workable plan before I can seek sponsors.
building a small 5' V hull drone boat. should be able to hold 200 lbs of equipment most likely I'll need something bigger can't go much bigger then 8' every thing needs to fit in single shipping container
I signed up and they call me I told them I need another year to be ready
they said that's what everyone is saying.
don't know if they will push it back a year if not no way I can try
If I can get 1 working boat to prove it can be done I could get sponsors to build fleet

Spd 135:
That unit looks to be 2d sonar.  This is a job for commercial equipment.  You won't find equipment for fishing that will do what you want.  You will need the stuff from my last post.


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