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Hello friends,
I recently bought my matrix97 and would like to insert waypoints.
Before he used OpenCPN and garmin homeport, so I have my waypoints in *.gpx, *.wpt and *.gdb

Is it possible by SD card have my waypoints in the matrix?
I tried to insert with the software HumminbirdPC but when I insert the card into the GPS does not show anything.


If you imported your Waypoints into HBPC and allowed HBPC to put the Waypoints into the SD Card ... HBPC should have created the Matrix folder on the SD Card ...

Can you open the SD Card on your PC to see if the Matrix folder is actually on the SD Card ... ??


Yes, the folder and the file is inside. But when I enter the SD in GPS no option to import waypoints appears. I do not know what to do

Try inserting the SD Card (with the Nav data) into the unit before powering on the unit ...

Your unit may have old enough software to need this sequence to recognize the command ...



I inserted waypoints using the software, I tried turning on the matrix and then insert the card and does not show me any message or option.  ???


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