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hello guys, i have just installed my new unit humminbird 598 on my kayack, my fishing mate says that is not istalled fine, i attach you some pictures to try to find out if what the screen shows is good.
for example, in the side imagin picture, why it appears as dark and just shows a small portion of the view?on the other hand in the 2d view, why does it appear a second echo? finally just say thank you for your help and sorry for my english due to it is not my nature language.
thank youˇˇ

Bob B:
Have you adjusted the sensitivity for 2D and SI?

Getting a 2nd echo is an indication of a hard bottom and/or sensitivity too high.

Dark SI would be sensitivity too low on the SI.

i dont really know if it is adjusted fine, how can i know if it is good? looking at the screen and seeing my bait? normally i  use to fish in areas where the maximum deep is 14 feet, i will be gratefull heareing all your advises.
thank you in advance again.

When viewing the SI ... :

*Press Menu 1 time to open the SI Xpress menu ...
*Cursor down to "SI Enhance" ...
*Cursor right to activate the "SI Enhance" menu overlay ...
*Cursor down in the "SI Enhance" menu overlay to "Sensitivity" ...
*Cursor right to increase SI Sensitivity (screen will get brighter) ...
*Cursor left to decrease SI Sensitivity (screen will get darker) ...

Use this to adjust the SI image brightness/darkness to a level that allows discerning details ...without being so bright it washes out the echoes you want to see ...
As Bob mentioned ...the double echo in the 2d image is normal for hard bottoms ... Allowing the Sonar pulse to reflect off the water's surface in the return echo and make another trip to the bottom and back to the xducer ...

Use this as a tool to determine bottom composition ... Double echo = hard bottom ...

If you don't like seeing that much bottom detail taking up the 2d screen - set the "Lower Range" setting (in the Xpress menu with 1 Menu button press) to a setting just below digital water depth ...


im really gratefull for your post, thank you guys
by the other hand it looks like the sonar is working good and the transducer is installed fine no?
thank you guys


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