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GPS Receiver for Matrix 97


Can anybody or Greg  from Humminbird tell me if my Matrix 97 is  compatable with the  408920-1 Humminbird GPS module or what is the latest GPS module/reciever model number  I can get for my Matrix 97 for another boat I have?  ;D

J. Reed

Welcome to the Humminbird Side imaging Forums fishreed.

No, your Matrix 97 is not compatible with the 408920-1 AS-GRP GPS Receiver.  It requires software version 6.300 or higher and the last software update for the Matrix 97 was 4.750.

A new GR50 GPS Receiver (or a GR16 if you can still find one) will work with your Matrix 97 unit.

Thanks Greg, I was afraid of that. But I do have 3 GR16s modules  but one isn't working. Maybe I can do some trouble shooting on the one that isn't working to fix it. It might be shorted at that short wire with the plastic cap on it. Thanks again.



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