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Can Humminbird work on chirp version for side as it it sell for new sonar?

Actually I am wondering the same issue! Because new onix and ion can use chirp transducers and it is advertised that the sensitivity of chirp is much more better! So why didnt humminbird use chirp with side or down imaging technology? why didnt they combine it while competitor companies do this?

I can only speculate about HB's strategies, but they may have found the increase in performance with chirp doesn't justify the costs. In a sidescan application the horizontal beamwidth is by far the most important factor. In a 'cheap' non-chirp sidescan system the range resolution is much better than the horizontal resolution. Thus, improving range resolution with chirp doesn't affect the overall image quality that much. The most effective means for improving image quality is making longer sidescan arrays. Unfortunately, the latest transducers are as long (or short) as the old ones are, so no significant change in image quality can be expected - not even if they are used with a chirp system.


       Thank you for your understandable explanation of a technical problem. I always look forward to your input. You probably saved several people some money.


Rickard, do you think that humminbird will produce longer transducers to make sidescan work more than 50 meters in future?


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