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Ok, here is a diagram by Tom Vickers from Humminbird (with a few enhancements from me) that I think will help aid in and maybe stir a little discussion.  There are some very interesting objects shown and how they will appear on the Side Imaging view using 455khz. 

I think whats also interesting is that this diagram was drawn long before Down Imaging was even thought of!  Notice how the object directly under the boat is displayed as beeing cut in half.


Good picture Robert.  Unless Hummimbird will tell us what they mean by 86 degrees coverage and explain the 4 degree piece we are having to find out ourselves.  On another note. with DI it may not be a big deal any longer.  We can see side to side and also directly down.  If we use the 2 screen display (SI & DI) we have all the bases covered. I have looked at some past recordings and on the Viewer (HV) the directly under the boat is most times a split view (left & right) and shows a piece of a bottom tsrget and sometime it is on both SI screens. If the 2d down is also displayed the GPS location matches so between the two screens we will see directly under the boat.  but we need spring to get here so we can get on the lake and really run this with DI and recording.  HB has a great product.  We have to learn how to use it.  Chuck

Hi Robert
Great info.
Is this part of some official information from Humminbird ? And if yes, where can I find the whole document ?

I think I will make a few adjustments in the HumViewer program cause with this new information I think I can make it a little more accurate.


Martin this is the whole document.  I added a few more fish to help understand how fish in the water column can look like they are in the same position but actually are farther apart.

What do you think you would be able to make more accurate from this?  Waypoints?


This is good information.  Totally opened my eyes to this technology...but does this mean I need to take my hs trig book out on the waters??


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