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Our team recently purchased an 1197cNVB, have installed the latest software update(4.75). Can anyone give me their initial setup to use as a starting point. We are trying to get up to speed as fast as we can.

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Below is the set up I copied from this site and tried it, it appears to work pretty good.  Sorry I do not remember who I copied it from.  You might try this then adjust as needed.  My speed varies from 1 to 5 mph.

Speed 2.5kph
Depth Range 80ft
Position to waypoint - slightly to Port (left view of SI beam)
Frequency 455kHz
Pallette - amber 1
DownImaging - wide.
Chart speed 3
Sensitivity 12


George, I fixed your post if thats OK.  You can use the "Modify" button to edit existing post.


For SAR, depending on what you are looking for, your range is going to need to stay less than 100' and definitely closer to 50' if looking for bodies.  Also, you do not want to set your range more than 2.5-3 times your depth.  Espcially at 800khz.  455khz you can go more, but smaller items get lost easily when the range is set too high.

As for speed, stay between 3-5 mph.  Your chart speed will need to stay close to your speed.  So if you are running 4-5mph, keep the chart speed between 5-6.  Its important to keep a constant speed so your images dont get stretched or squated.  Also, straight lines are a must.  Turning only distorts the image.

For fresh water, sensitivity is fine at 10, but you may want to bump it a noch either way to see what looks best.  I dont mess too much with SI Enhance, but if anything, sharp on low or off. Contrast at 10 or just above is fine. 

I dont think you will need to worry about down imaging too much in SAR.  Side imaging is going to show you every bit of information you need at 455khz.  I use 455khz exclusively during a search, and once you find a target at 455khz, you can switch to 800khz if you want to try and get some more detail, but 455khz covers the best for searching.

You dont need to run the 83khz, so just use 200khz for 2d sonar.  The 83khz will only make your recording files larger.  I also set my max depth for 2d to say 150' (or less).  This is in case the 200khz loses the bottom, it will not affect the ping rate significantly.  The SI uses the 200khz to establish ping rate in auto and if it loses bottom, it will try tolisten longer to hear the ping and slows the ping rate down.

I also have a seperate unit (785c2) for Navigation networked with my 997c.  That way I can leave the 997c running on SI and never have to switch away to see where I have been or where I am heading.   I can mark waypoints right on the 785c2 or record or take snapshots with 997c and the waypoints show up on each unit.

You also need to get the GPS puck as close as possible to the transducer.  This is imperative to mark accurate waypoints or marking structures or bodies!  If your GPS reciever is 10-12' from your transducer, your waypoints will be off also.  Thus returning to a waypoint you could be as much as 20'+ off from the actual target.  I am sure you know in low vis situations, 1' can make all the difference. 

Well, if I think of anything else, I will let you know, but I think thats a good start!


Just to reinforce what Robert posted.  when doing search and recovery scanning you will get the most out of the process if you use two units.  1)for sonar and 2)the other for navigation. Especially with the down imaging as a possible two screen display. Depending on your boat configuration this two unit feature gives the sonar operator a dedicated screen and likewise the boat operator. In the past with a single unit we have had the boats needs override the sonar needs and the attention of the sonar operator was distracted from his screens. One other point for S&R...Always record your runs. Sometimes the review process will show a missed realtime object. The best review is Humview or Yellowfin.  And the recording gives you a record of your activities for court if needed.  Chuck

You will see twice as much on playback on the PC than you do on the unit.



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