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c vs ci designation

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Am I correct in assuming the only units that come with internal antennas are shown with "ci" and all with external are shown with "c" in their names.  thanks in advance - Fay

Not sure of the exact meaning but the C could mean charting capabilities....dont know the exact....but am still checking..


Chuck, it looks like the 798 is the biggest screen available with internal antenna.  Fay

The “c” designation means that the unit has a color display.
The “i” designation means that the unit comes with an internal GPS Receiver.
If the unit is labeled “ci” than it is a color display unit with an internal GPS Receiver.
Units that are listed as a “Combo” unit means that it is a GPS Chartplotter type unit (shows maps) and that it comes with some sort of GPS Receiver.  If there is no “i” designation; than it comes with an external GPS Receiver.

The 798ci Si and 798ci HD Si units are the only Side Imaging units that we have made with an internal GPS Receiver.

Where did you find that.  I looked all over the HB site.. ::)



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