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Poll - What size SD Card do you use?

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Here is a little poll just to see what size SD cards everyone is using.  You can vote twice if you have multiple cards.  I know some people like myself, have 4 and 8 GB cards they use.

Inshorecatch had originally started this topic and I thought it would be better to do it as a poll to show a better result.




It depends on how much you want to spend.  I use a Sandisk 4 GB Extreme III cards, purchased from Amazon.  I have found this to be enough for what I do.  At the end of each day I download the card to my computer for viewing.  These files will take up a lot of room over time, so when done I move them to another harddrive for later viewing.

Also, I have a small sd card which is used just for updating my system with the latest revisions.

Depending on how you use your system, you can go up to 32 GB card (is the largest card available to date).  Everything I have read so far suggest that the Sanddisk Extreme III card is the best choice.  If you go online and punch in what you want with Best Price chance are you will find some good deals.

Robert, is it possible to add the make and model # of the cards being used?  I think that some folks have had some problems with some cards.


Is is possible to list most of the different major brands and sizes, but a poll would not be the best way to display the data.  I am working on creating a database for things like this and the wish list.  I know they already have it on the Yahoo Group, but wanted to start our own and make it a little different with some new features.


George how much info are you puting on you 4gb card in a day.

If I record all day I use about 3 GB.  4 GB and 8 GB cards are very reasonably priced today, either or both will suit you fine.  I like to have two cards to make sure at least one of them is on the boat at all times (only take one off for downloading and clearing).   

Also, after the first time of leaving it on all day, I switched to stopping and restarting every 30 to 60 minutes, this way it is easier to review the information and to separate the better information for later review.



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