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HBSI Image Contest - August 2010 - Win a Raptor Cap and Screen Protector

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Enter the HBSI Monthly Image Contest.  This month we are again proud to have Raptor Fishing as our Sponsor.  We are also glad to have Screenpatronus as a new sponsor as well.

This month the winners will be receiving their choice of a Raptor Cap 700 or 900 series, Raptor Fishing T-Shirt and Hat and also a Screen Protector from Screenpatronus.

Remember, Images MUST be the original snapshots as recorded from the SI unit and cannot be enhanced or altered in any way.

We also encourage you to post some information about the snapshot;  Location, Frequency, Water Type, Settings, Content, etc.

There is no limit to the number of images you can submit, but please be selective in choosing the best images for submission.
Images must be submitted no later than Midnight, August 31st 2010.

Good Luck,

Robert Gecy
Forum Administrator

385 - Shows a pod of baitfish with a larger predator fish hanging close by.

384 - SI, DI, and 2D screenshot showing what cribs along a breakline look like from 3 different viewpoints.  Sort of a neat shot for comparative purposes

Note - I did edit some of these shots - I took out the GPS coordinates for obvious reasons. 

366 - Baitfish pods shown in DI

364 - More baitfish pods shown in SI and DI.  On the right you can see a tree in the water with baitfish pods hanging close by.

362 - Tree on the left side of the image.  More pods of baitfish in this image.

These images look much more impressive when viewed at a larger screen size.  Is there a way to get them to post as a larger image, or is the only way to get them larger to click on them?





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