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HBSI Image Contest - July 2010 - Win A RaptorCap with T-Shirt and Hat

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We are please to have Raptor Fishing Sponsor our contest this month again.  Like last month we are going to have two categories and give away prizes in each. 

There will be a category for Best Image with Fish and the Best Image with Structure.   and the winner in each category will recieve their choice of a RaptorCap HU700 or HU900 along with a Raptor Fishing T-Shirt and Hat.

Images MUST be the original snapshots as recorded from the SI unit and cannot be enhanced or altered in any way.

We also encourage you to post some information about the snapshot;  Location, Frequency, Water Type, Settings, Content, etc.

There is no limit to the number of images you can submit, but please be selective in choosing the best images for submission.
Images must be submitted no later than Midnight, July 31st 2010.

Good Luck,

Robert Gecy
Forum Administrator

This is a ski boat pic that was taken the first time on the water with my new 898 SI.

Thought I would try.  And yes, I ordered me a Raptor Cap today ( Thursday ).

This is such a great website!!

Wayne P.:
This is a depression created when a tree stump was dug up and relocated to make a fish attractor during the lake construction. The teeth marks of the backhoe bucket are clealy visible.

bait balls and fish on the bottom. default settings.

This is an underwater bridge at Lake o the Pines located in East Texas.


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