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HBSI Image Contest - June 2010 - Win A RaptorCap with T-Shirt and Hat

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OK, guys.  The May Image Contest went very well and we had some really cool submissions.  This month we are going to have two categories and give away prizes in each. 

There will be a category for Best Image with Fish and the Best Image with Structure.  We are please to have Raptor Fishing Sponsor our contest this month again, and the winner in each category will recieve their choice of a RaptorCap HU700 or HU900 along with a Raptor Fishing T-Shirt and Hat.

Images MUST be the original snapshots as recorded from the SI unit and cannot be enhanced or altered in any way.

We also encourage you to post some information about the snapshot;  Location, Frequency, Water Type, Settings, Content, etc.

There is no limit to the number of images you can submit, but please be selective in choosing the best images for submission.
Images must be submitted no later than Midnight, June 30th 2010.

Good Luck,

Robert Gecy
Forum Administrator

Hi to all... Here is two pictures of  St. Croix River.  First one is Prescott bridge 800 khz on auto  scroll speed at 8.  The one with fish is down river of a island 455 khz  auto scroll at 5.


First is of walleyes or cats schooled up along a breakline.  Second is of sheepies and crappies hanging out in open water.  We boated a 42" musky relating to these suspended fish.


si image of a crib line and sunken rowboat

Cool looking rock formation

Crib line / boat again in SI

This picture was taking on lake Nockamxion PA. It was a broking bridge with a road that right to the left side. You can see school of fish to the left of road way and a school of bait to the right side of bridge.
Its my 997si  chart 4 , 455khz
you have to keep a show chart speed so the detail will come out good. Senity is set to Auto.


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