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1199ciHDsi Power Down Loop

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So herez the present dilemma:
I picked up a 2nd hand 1199ciHDsi w/ roughly 500+hrs on it & it goes thru a PowerDown Loop & the screen turns something-like the colors of the rainbow upon doing so. I did do a Factory Reset & The Latest Software Update is v7.790 But the problem still exists. Now I believe it was somewhere on this Forum that i found out the root problem had something 2do w/ Birdz Eye View? Meaning, leave Birdz Eye View Off & it should be ok? Furthermore, even w/No NAV Card in the SD Card Slot, The Map View of America is showing "Zone Rectangles" almost as IF there was a NavCard in the slot? Now is this simply an upgraded version of XD Contours or is the internal Memory cache not clearing properly? I know 4a fact my old 598ciHDsi only shows only a basic layout of the US & dont recall my old 1198cXSI (now sold) showing this level of XD Contour detail neither? Perhaps this is a Clue? Regardless, May I ask what the Final Sol'n was here? Was it 2simply operate w/o Birdz Eye View or 2perhaps risk "Bricking" & Revert Back 1 Software Revision? Thanks, Sandro.

Does the unit successfully boot up without any SD Cards in the unit ??

If so - Format Nav Directories and then Restore Defaults under the Setup tab  ...

It sounds more like a corrupt waypoint causing gremlins  ...


Yes, it successfully boots-up so long as Birdz Eye View option is off But have yet 2thoroughly Test w/the other 2or3 Split-Screen options of Birdz Eye View - But so long as that "1st or Main Screen" option of Birdz Eye View is off - it will Boot-Up Successfully & run 4several hrs when connected 2a Good/Stable Power Supply.
Also, there is No SD Card in either slot... it just "looks like there is"... 2the point that it even caused me 2Flash a Light down the slot 2see if there was anything in there that might be causing this "visual difference" of the Base-Map SO Ur Theory Could Very Well Be The Right Diagnosis or Root-Cause Analysis of The Problem.
I will try just that and get back 2 U.
Thanks, Sandro.

Well Done Master Rickie ! That worked like a charm ! I knew the General XD Contour Map wasnt supposed 2have all those Zone Borders & Lake Contour Details w/No SD Card present. All seems well now.
Thanks Again ! Sandro.

Did you open your waypoints in Humminbird PC and look for corrupt waypoints  ...??



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