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Anyone know of a viewer for new mega imaging recordings on an SD card?


I downloaded HBSI Sonar Data File Converter and tried to convert the files from the Mega Live recordings I did on an SD card but the converter says it can't find any files on the card to open? They are there but are a .bin and .HDR file. Will it not convert them? What am I missing or will this not converter not work with those files? Thank you for any help!

You can use HumViewer.
B004 is the DI file. Rename it (e.g. IDX -> IDX_ SON->SON_) and you can view 2D and SI.
If you copy the B004 to B001 you can view the DI as well.
I'm currently working on an Android app that will do a better job.
Coming soon ...

hello oshi
i tried to rename B004.SON to B001.SON and B004.IDX to B001.IDX but humviewer version 86 shows only 2D, track and SI  ???
in fact i am unable to see DI even with autochart pro

Look closely and you will see that 2D will be DI if you renamed B004.* to B001.*

Choose a right colormap and you will see.


--- Quote from: tournevase on March 25, 2022, 04:09:27 PM ---in fact i am unable to see DI even with autochart pro

--- End quote ---

Autochart Pro should be able to read and replay a B004.SON file. If it doesn't it may be that your file is corrupted, or that you need to upgrade AC Pro to last version.


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