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Looking for a XHS 9 HDSI 180 T transducer


Looking to buy a transducer for 898 and 999 with DI & SI. Let me now what you have.



Still looking........

Have you tried EBay? I see them on there all the time? Average Price is roughly $160 (US Funds) for 2nd Hand. This 1 here is asking $120 But there are some that are New going for $180... Finding them isn't all that hard - it's moreso a matter of what you're willing 2 spend? (and let's Not 4get Shipping)... for myself up here North of the Border, I also need 2 factor in that Cross-Border thing... But "Finding Them"? No Problem at all.

Just picked up an XHS9-HDSI-180T the other nite, came with an AS-SI-DB-Y Cable as well... I only have a 598ciHDsi so I'm sure itz overkill BUT the price was right & get 2satisfy my curiosity re: the differences between that 1 vs an XNT9-SI-180T... IF my 5" screen will even show me the differences that is - let alone that itz Not even 800khz capable as the HDSI is able to do. IF ur willing 2wait a bit - I just might be willing 2sell U this 1. Just wanna C what it can do 1st.


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