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Humminbird 1199 HD SI and Humminbird 360 (not Mega)


Could you please review and provide your advice and/or suggestions?
(as a sidebar, power does not appear to be the issue)

1199ci HD SI - at Helm
1199ci HD SI - at Bow
1159ci HD DI Combo -  at Bow
iPilot link on Ultrex 36v
360 (not mega)
Humminbird 5 port Ethernet switch

With 360 deployed, the 1199 units configure screen shows the 360 unit is linked and connected, as well as all other linked iPilot
The 360 Transducer is selected on both 1199 units

My main issue…
… When the 360 is deployed, pinging, and the 360 view is active on the Bow, If I page through Helm 1199 HD SI to select the 360 screen, when the Helm unit reaches the 360 screen, the unit powers down and restarts.
... Same scenario if Helm is active and I try to page at the Bow to select 360, the Bow unit powers down and restarts.

Question: is this normal and can I not have 360 data viewable on both Helm and Bow units simultaneously?

Thanks in advance for your guidance in this matter.

Tom Reeves

This is not normal  ...

Generally a unit shutting down is a issue related to power  ... a few questions  ...

Is the battery in good health?
How heavy of wiring is running to each head unit?


Don't know if this might be your cause but If I counted correctly then you are probably using all 5 ports on the Ethernet Switch.  There have been some reported issues when all  5 ports are being used by units and accessories.  Might try disconnecting the DI model to see if that helps.  Also, make sure you're running current software on all units. 


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