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ALL SI Models - Make Mosaic feature of AutoChart Live more usable


Model:  ALL SI ModelsSuggested Upgrade:  Make Mosaic feature of AutoChart Live more usableExplanation:  Several ideas to make the Mosaic feature of AutoChart Live more practical to use on larger public lakes in the way a tournament fisherman would want to to use it
1) The real idea state would be similar to competitive units where you record the SI Mosaic for an area, save it, and when you get within x miles of that saved file it autoloads the Mosaic if you have that that toggle switch turned on.  Thats how most users would think it would work
2) In the interim, if you could have a ""pause" button in the recording feature, where you could go hit your 12 rock piles or ridges etc (pausing in between), and then be able to save a Mosaic for that whole lake, thats a primative workaround
3) Another workaround would be to have AutoChart Pro be able to stitch the Mosaic files together in a file for a lake, where when you get on the lake, you can load file and all the Mosaics display
4) its painful in Autochart live to go all the way down to Mosaic record on, move that up in the menu list please!Added in Software Version:  Comments on Update: 


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